A thriving economy is one that supports all of us and our environment – providing a strong quality of life for every person and taking into account carbon pollution, our use of resources, our footprint and the legacy we will leave behind. What we need is political leadership to make the right choices that will embrace the growing low-carbon, innovation economy. This is the type of leadership the GPO aims to provide.

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We will put people first to focus on policies that will help all Ontarians. All too often, people are left behind. Families are not able to make ends meet. Growing gaps in health care means care isn’t available when and where people need it. Under-funded education systems that leave people behind. Inequality caused by racism, sexism, classism strips away opportunities from members of our province. We can do better.

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Everyone in Ontario has the right to a clean and healthy environment. It’s now beyond doubt that the health of our economy and the health of our environment are interconnected.  Our goal is defend the places you love in Ontario, so that we can also have healthy people and a prosperous economy.

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