Green Vision Book

Read through The Green vision and the priorities Ontarians have told us are important.


In the next session of the legislature, your Green MPPs commit to fighting to uphold these commitments for all of us:

  • Leap into the future now by creating jobs in the clean economy
  • Make our homes and businesses more energy efficient
  • Support jobs in your community by lowering payroll taxes on local businesses
  • Unlock housing so everyone has a place they can afford to call home
  • Provide everyone access to mental health services
  • Make sure no one falls through the cracks by implementing a basic income
  • Get the basics right by protecting air, water and farmland
  • Set Ontario on a pathway to 100% renewable energy
  • Get you home faster by investing in transit infrastructure and operations


The biggest issues facing Waterloo and the Region aren't left or right.

The opioid crisis is killing people. Health care is slow, prescriptions are too expensive and long-term care has been ignored. Electricity costs and housing are through the roof. Roads are crumbling and local & mass transit needs attention.

But the people in Queen's Park aren't solving these problems. Instead they squabble to gain media attention and jockey for position for the next election.

I'm running to be your MPP because it's time for that to change.


Support for local businesses and entrepreneurs


Support public and mass transit within and between cities 


Invest new dollars in classrooms to fund special education and additional support staff, library materials, classroom supplies and computers, etc.


The housing crisis is a complex problem that requires creative solutions. Take action to make sure every person in Ontario can afford a home.


The cannabis industry should be like the craft brewery industry - helping build local businesses, creating local jobs and contributing tax dollars to local communities across the province.


Small businesses and entrepreneurs are essential to building diversified, resilient local economies that generate sustainable jobs and prosperity.

Locally owned companies generate and maintain wealth in our communities. During the 2008 recession, small business was the only sector of the economy to create jobs.

The Ontario government can help entrepreneurs continue to create jobs and grow their business by lowering payroll taxes on employees.


The government of Ontario must provide firm funding commitments for all day, two-way GO rail service to Waterloo Region, and stop adding band-aids to our transit problems and create complete solutions to our growing congestion issues.

We know that fewer transit options stifle the local economy and hinder our ability to attract top talent and investment to our region.


We have a crisis in Ontario when it comes to Mental Health and Addictions.

People are suffering because a patchwork of care leaves too many people not able to access care when they need it.

  1. Declare the opioid crisis a state of emergency.
  2. Act on recommendations from expert reports like reforming privacy laws, improve legislation on involuntary treatment.


  • Create a provincial child care strategy
  • Invest new dollars in classrooms to fund special education and additional support staff, library materials, classroom supplies and computers, etc.
  • Support continuing education to help fill skill gaps in communities or to assist individuals in kick starting their own small enterprises


Ontario students deserve healthy, local sustainable food options on campus. A report card from the student advocacy group Meal Exchange found fewer than one in 10 students would recommend food on their campus to a friend, and just one-quarter of students felt food on campus helped them maintain a healthy diet. Only 44 per cent said they had fresh food options.


For 20 years Conservative and Liberal provincial governments have frozen the budget to support local libraries.

This is a short-sighted move by the province with long term consequences. This policy of freezing library funding means libraries have 42% less money today due to inflation and places a further burden on an already stressed municipal property tax base to provide the services citizens need and want.

It’s time to end the 20 year budget freeze on funding for libraries.

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